Brothers McClurg Tour Dates


October 21st – Cary, NC 

“I believe musicians have a duty, a responsibility to reach out, to share your love or pain with others.” ~ James Taylor

Having over two decades of live ministry and music experience in worship settings, Brothers McClurg have developed a unique communal and interactive concert experience for concert goers and congregants alike.

Just as James Taylor says that musicians have a responsibility to reach out and share life with others, Brothers McClurg agrees. Whether it’s a Sunday morning church service or a festival appearance; Brothers McClurg is powerfully authentic every time they take a festival stage or step foot on an altar.  As third generation worship leaders, they have built on a long lasting, and rich legacy of conveying the Gospel through songs.  With every lyric that they sing, you can sense the depth of history in their Christian faith that is spread throughout their music.  With every personal story that they share in between songs, you’re learning of the hope that saw them through the peaks and valleys that exist in the various seasons of their lives and inspired the music that you are hearing.

With a balanced combination of high level musicianship, outstanding vocal melodies and harmonies, compelling lyrics, easy to remember songs, and a casual approach;  Brothers McClurg have won the hearts of audiences and congregations from coast to coast.

With hundreds of live events and worship services behind them since 2008, and many ahead of them; they will continue to bring fresh vision to a musical and ministry legacy spanning three generations to audiences both large and small; and seek to create environments of worship that inspire a growing passion for Jesus in every city and community that they encounter.

We hope that you’ll join Brothers McClurg when they come to your area!

If you are interested in bringing Brothers McClurg to your church, festival, conference, or event, contact their booking at: